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Pionowo startujące cylindryczne UFO zaobserwowane w Norwegii

Bardzo interesująca obserwacja zjawiska UFO, miała miejsce w Norwegii w mieście Rykkinn. Miejscowy amator fotografii, przypadkowo zdołał uwiecznić tam dwa cylindryczne obiekty UFO któ

2018-04-24 12,237 YouTube

Bizarre uncloaking UFO spotted near International Space Station - Daily Mail

The live feed, posted by Belgium-based YouTube channel UFO Today, caught the attention of conspiracy theories after strange lights started flashing to the right of the footage. The conspirac

2018-04-20 7,892 YouTube

'UFO' namataan sa Pampanga

Kumakalat ngayon sa social media ang mga video at larawan ng mga umano'y unidentfied flying objects o UFOs na nakunan ng ilang mga biyahero sa may Pampanga nitong Linggo. Subscribe to the...

2015-04-29 1,420,516 YouTube

Answers needed: SpaceX launch stirs alien UFO fears in California

The aftermath of SpaceX's launch of satellites into space from Southern California was witnessed across state lines and hundreds of miles. However, many people did not know what to make of..

2017-12-23 626,043 YouTube

What was the Pentagon's secret UFO program looking for?

Earlier this week, the New York Times and Politico revealed the existence of a secret government program to investigate UFO sightings. It was especially focused on encounters by members of..

2017-12-23 45,823 YouTube

Ufo Grcka


2018-04-11 02:47 15,633 Dailymotion



2018-04-18 00:49 3,654 Dailymotion

"Pentagon'un gizli UFO araştırması ortaya çıktı" iddiası

İddialara göre, 2007’de başlayan ve 2012’de sona erdirildiği belirtilen projeden az sayıda yetkilinin haberdar olduğu belirtildi.\r\n\r\nNew York Time...

2018-04-16 00:35 1 Dailymotion

Ex-NASA astronauts pass UFO lie detector test

ALBANY, OHIO — Four NASA legends have passed lie detection tests examining historical accounts of their encounters with UFOs.According to British tabloid the ...

2018-04-09 01:22 12 Dailymotion

Amerikalı çift Türkiye'de UFO görüntüledi


2018-03-23 02:46 2,703 Dailymotion

UFO (Broke my computer)

A couple of years ago I was invited to Cologne in Germany to take part in a creative music convention. There was a music festival on at the same time (c/o pop) ...

2015-02-18 01:30 57,156 Vimeo


filmed/edited - taylor popham qlamb filmed a clip too UFO - prince kajuku in order of first appearance: ray kronenberg julian mire greg preston storm trogdon ...

2012-11-21 03:31 6,202 Vimeo

Glass UFO

Glass UFO from Oval´s "OvalDNA". Direction | Editing: Austin Stack Actors: Tyler Anderson, Frank Stellato, Robb Taylor, Max Wast...

2011-07-25 01:47 0 Vimeo

UFO Over Santa Clarita

This is a CGI exercise in photorealism. The piece was done at Gnomon Studios with a crew of students from the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in association wit...

2012-10-11 00:38 20,707 Vimeo

Quintin Lamb UFO

Filmed all over the Tennessee area by the crew. Main Camera: Taylor Popham and Zach Tierce Additional Filming: Andrew Jacuzzi, David Sizemore, and Hunter Harp...

2014-05-21 03:38 9,317 Vimeo