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Kanji Inoki Arrives in North Korea Pyongyang, September 7 (KCNA) -- Kanji Inoki, member of the House of Councillors of Japan, and his party arrived ...

2017-09-09 2,204 YouTube

주체103(2014)년 6월 15일 중앙텔레비죤 20시보도

주체103(2014)년 6월 15일 중앙텔레비죤 20시보도.

2014-06-16 73 YouTube

North Korean TV News September 10th, 2017 [9월10일 20시보도]

2017-09-10 3,335 YouTube

Concert for 'Day of Songun' 2013 [North Korea]

실황록화 선군절경축 공훈국가합창단공연 《위대한 선군령장 만만세》주체102 8 25.

2013-08-30 6,750 YouTube

Our Pride - Moranbong Band

Moranbong Band (모란봉악단) _ Footage: Korean Central Television & DPRK Today Visit our page in Polish language:

2015-12-10 16,413 YouTube