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Legendary concert of the Dubliners 40 years Reunion

Members: Ronnie Drew - Vocals, Guitar Barney McKenna - Vocal, Banjo, Mandolin John Sheahan - Fiddle, Mandolin, Whistles, Backing Vocals Jim McCann...

2016-02-02 985,695 YouTube

The Dubliners - Rocky Road to Dublin

This coming from soundtrack of Sherlock Holmes. When Fighting scene. Buy the album on amazon Updated Lyrics -----------------------------------------------------------

2010-12-08 16,535,728 YouTube

The Dubliners - In The Rare Old Times

From the video titled "The Dubliners' Dublin" which is like a documentary with Ronnie taking viewers on a tour of his favourite watering holes, and meeting up with the lads for a few songs..

2007-08-19 5,566,415 YouTube

The Dubliners - Dirty Old Town

The Dubliners - Dirty Old Town (Travastia Club, Finland, 1976) Footage from Luke Kelly - The Performer available now on DVD from

2011-08-30 1,169,807 YouTube


The Young Dubliners perform 'Rosie' for BalconyTV DublinSubscribe to us right now at 'Like' us on Facebook -

2018-01-18 03:13 684 Dailymotion

celtic-The Dubliners - Barney McKenna - Banjo solo

Un virtuose du banjo celtique!!! à voir et écouter absolument jusqu'au bout!!!!...

2008-03-02 09:43 46,641 Dailymotion

Dubliners - Manchester Rambler

The Dubliners are an Irish folk band founded in 1962, making them one of the older bands that are still performing music presently. The Manchester Rambler by T...

2007-02-28 04:43 7,135 Dailymotion

The Dubliners - Barney McKenna - Banjo Medley - live


2008-08-25 09:43 10,220 Dailymotion

The Dubliners - Off to Dublin (DeutchTV)


2008-08-25 02:44 1,683 Dailymotion


*Please be aware that this video contains some occasional strong language* June 15 2014 Join award-winning authors Will Self and John Banville in conversation ...

2014-06-16 03:26 1,009 Vimeo

Dublin Timelapse

My first attempt at a time lapse video. Shot in Dublin between March & April 2011. Shot with a Canon 5D with a 50mm f1.4 & a 24-105mm f4. Milapse panning tri...

2011-05-10 03:53 116,325 Vimeo

The Dublin Minstral

tribute to the late great luke kelly of the mother played the lps of the dubliners to me as a boy,and i never forgot how much fun those guys had do...

2011-02-26 04:11 403 Vimeo

the dubliners

Documentary on the famous traditional irish band the Dubliners. Directed by Günther Wulff, circa 1980. This is not a silent film! the audio shall be added soon...

2008-12-19 03:25 749 Vimeo


Ireland's capital city, Dublin, what a great mix of old and new, culture, tradition and innovation. Camera: Nikon D5100 Song: "Britches Full of Stitches. Mun...

2013-12-08 01:52 26,014 Vimeo