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YGO PRO & DEVPRO Are 100% Safe !! NAS/Konami can't legally take them down. Here's why Download - YGO Pro - Have a great YGOpro (No more DevPro ones right ...

2016-07-30 39,656 YouTube

2017 Metalfoes Kozmo Replays On YGOpro!

Replays of my battles online with my Metalfoes Kozmo deck for the 2017 ban list. Music used in the video: Hitman- Kevin MacLeod Ewn- ...

2017-03-30 458 YouTube

-Metalfoes Kozmo Deck Profile- 2017 Ban list

A new updated version of my original Metalfoes Kozmo for the new 2017 ban list. Music used: Chill Soul Rap Instrumental by Nkato ...

2017-04-06 1,001 YouTube

YGOPRO replay - Won with low hp

I didn't want to upload video without me talking but I busy so I can't make video where I talk but I wanted to share this where I won with 250 hp (sorry guy or girl ...

2016-10-26 32 YouTube

Mi reaccion en que Rocket Monkeys fue cancelada

Si lo era ya estoy perdidoooo!!! Y Japon se salvaria! Espero que no lo seaaaaaaaaa!!! Quiero que continue!!!! Sin mis mejores personajes no soy ...

2013-11-12 235 YouTube

Legally Mod XBOX and PS3 | Fighting the DMCA

Follow me on Twitter,!/GUNNS4HIRERelated Article,

2012-11-12 07:36 26 Dailymotion

YUGIOH World: kOZmo OTK Deck Profile 2015 By Kung Fu

YUGIOH World: kOZmo OTK Deck Profile 2015 By Kung Fu...

2015-08-06 17:25 558 Dailymotion

Hearthstone - Deck OTK guerrier - Mont Rochenoire -

Hearthstone - Deck OTK guerrier - Mont Rochenoire -...

2015-04-09 20:38 10,447 Dailymotion

OTK Mage vs 80HP Warrior


2016-02-04 02:48 5,879 Dailymotion

Lock and Load OTK


2016-02-10 04:27 5,375 Dailymotion